July 15, 2021



July 2, 2021

Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School

Dr. Agata Sowinska is guiding the Dalton school in Wenzhou.

During the last months RESPONSIBILITY was the topic and the work target for the team of teachers.

Here examples made by two of the groups. They wrote about their tasks and responsibilities.

June 17, 2021


DALTONVISIE is the magazine of the Dutch Dalton Association.

In the latest number an article written by Rene Berends and Roel Röhner about 'Twenty Years Dalton International'.

June 14, 2021


A collage made by this International Dalton School

June 11, 2021


Click under the photo on the link to see a presentation of the school.

Short presentation of the school 

June 6, 2021

Protecting the quality of Dalton education


The quality Dalton school provides the appropriate environment for the development of students and the effectiveness of the school. The school’s vision is consistent with Helen Parkhurst philosophy of efficiency, enterprising living and working, responsibility, interaction of a group life, and the learning by experience.
Dalton International is aimed at continuous development of their schools. The training by International Dalton Consultants and regular contact with the Executive Director of Dalton International is a quality assurance process that is designed to help schools to continuously develop and improve their Dalton Plan in practice. It consists of an ongoing program of support, guidance and improvement of the school and all its staff members worldwide. This ensures that schools accredited by Dalton International continue to embody the highest Dalton education standards. 

We discovered that abroad even people without any experience in Dalton education and without official certificate are operating as ‘Dalton Consultant’ or ‘Dalton specialist’. It happens that Kindergarten and Elementary schools after two or three workshops get the ‘official predicate Dalton’. Dalton International doesn’t want to be associated with such a process, because this damages the  high status of Dalton education worldwide.

To give one example, obtaining a Dalton license takes in the Netherlands between three and five years. Schools must be member of the Dutch Dalton Association. The Association requires schools to be able to submit a timetable plan and a Dalton Development Plan for that whole implementation period. High qualified Dutch Dalton Consultants are guiding the school during that implementation process.