July 4, 2022

Celebrating end of the school year in Wenzhou Dalton School


Last week we have celebrated online the end of the school year in Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School. We were honoured to welcome numerous special guests, including city authorities, researchers from academic environment, school authorities and representatives from the local educational bureaus.

Thank you to all Governors, school management, Dalton coordinators and Dalton mentors who were working with us this year so hard. It is a privilege to serve among such a dedicated group of individuals. We are so fortunate to have such creative and outstanding contributors on our Board. 

With the end of the school year, we would like to wish all International Dalton schools and members a peaceful, healthy and happy summer filled with friends, family and loads of fun!

Holiday party in the school.

June 29, 2022

'Daltonschule Unstruttal' got a new school garden


Der Kirchgarten der Gemeinde Unstruttal - Ortsteil Ammern wurde als Schulgarten eingerichtet. Dazu stellte die Kirche das Grundstück kostenlos zur Verfügung.

Natur und Umweltbildung erhält eine neue Wertigkeit!

June 21, 2022

The Most Popular Dragon Boat Festival in Dalton

Last week Shenzhen Xinhua School had an unique way to celebrate children’s day. "Happiness" was the main Chinese elements all over the campus, running a "temple fair" can help others to experience the Chinese folk customs culture without going to a "dragon boat race" knowledge quiz event!

The Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival are a time of competition and collaboration for Dalton junior school students to discuss history, geography, Taoism and Chinese language together, as well as a traditional cultural knowledge development activity jointly planned and organized by the Junior School Integrated Arts Group and Chinese Group.

The Third Chinese Traditional Culture Knowledge Competition was held in the theatre on June 2. The moments that best exemplify Dalton's spirit of freedom and cooperation are truly ubiquitous.

In the theatre, the "Dragon Boat Racing; Ride the Storm" is the most eye-catching scene on stage, with several boats in a row, and is the most unusual form of points presentation for this competition.

Children’s Day celebrated together with Dalton International and Dragon Boat Festival are much more than just a carnival.

Each festival for Dalton students is as unique, creative and beautiful as each student is.

Dalton's teachers, on the other hand, are overjoyed to see their students happy, cooperative, having shared social experience.

June 17, 2022

Visit to Daltonschool 'De Maten' - Den Ham

The team of teachers from the International Dalton school 'Sternschule' in Deutschlandsberg/Austria visited yesterday  International Daltonschool 'de Maten' in Den Ham/the Netherlands.

Two teachers from the 'Sternschule' gave a presentation of their Daltonschool to the students from group 7 and 8 from 'de Maten'. After the presentation all good answers on the questions about the content of the presentation were awarded with a 'Mozart Kugel'.


Director Jenny Valk,  together with a teacher explained their individualized model for mathematics.

Plans for further cooperation between these two International Dalton Schools were the result of a spontanious brainstorm.

June 15, 2022


During our autumn online International Dalton Café, the participants will have the opportunity to listen to one of our special guests Huib Wursten. Huib is a Senior Associate Partner of Hofstede Insights and the intellectual father of “7 Mental Images”. He has been working in public and private organizations in over 85 countries. In his latest article on "Mental Images and nation building. The pyramid system", he analyses the attributes of the Pyramid value system and match them with one of the most important goals for nation building: creating an ”imagined community”.


Stay tuned for more information about our online autumn meeting!

In the meantime, make yourself familiar with the latest Huib’s article:

see article

May 26, 2022

Jürgen Peters "MEMBER OF HONOUR' of Dalton International


During the anniversary of the Dalton school in Wels, Jürgen Peters became a "Member of Honour" of Dalton International. 

The membership appropriately reflects the long term support and commitment in Dalton education in Austria.

Dalton International would like to thank you for your continuous engagement in Dalton development across the world.

#daltonaustria #daltoninternationalcommunity

May 13, 2022



Main speakers during the conference :
Naoko Nunomura - Agata Röhner-Sowinska - Rene Berends
Karel Riedl - Bob Kartous - Vladimir Moskvan and Roel Röhner