September 17, 2018



International Dalton Conference in Poland

On Monday 12. November 2018 the International Dalton Conference of the Polish Dalton Association takes place in Koszalin.

The Chinese delegation from 'Shenzhen Xinhua Dalton School' which also takes part in the Dutch Dalton Conference, will have an active role in this conference. Director Liansheng Mei gives a speech during the plenary opening of the conference.

The head of the English department of this Chinese Dalton School, Zhiling Xu, is supporting in the workshop "Let's Daltonize English", given by Agata Sowińska.

Dr. Agata Sowińska, Chair of  'Dalton International Research Platform' in  the Netherlands, is researching Early English teaching in some countries in Europe and China.

'Shenzhen Xinhua Dalton School' is pilot school in this research.

September 16, 2018

International Dalton Conference in the Netherlands

The Dutch Dalton Association and Dalton International are organizing this International Dalton Conference in Deventer. 

With delegations from : 
Austria, Belgium, China, Germany and Poland

More information: click here

August 23, 2018

Interesting article

Dr Agata Sowińska writes in her blog 'International Dalton Consultancy' :

My new article about the unconventional teaching English, in which I explain that constant teaching secondary school pupil grammar and vocabulary, in order to prepare to exams is not teaching language in itself, but exam procedures. What to do to enrich secondary school English teaching and learning? How to motivate students to learn foreign languages and finally how to increase creativity and sensitize pupil to the global problems? In my article I try to present and analyze the possibilities and give a proposal to unconventional English teaching and learning.
The article was published in Warsaw School of Applied Linguistics one week ago in the volume "Neofilology for the future" (page 97-108)

July 13, 2018

June 24, 2018

Dalton International Research Platform

Leader of the platform  Dr Agata Sowińska - International Dalton Consultancy
International researchers:
Austria:  Henriette Steinhauer - Akademie der Diözese Linz
Holland: Drs. Annemarie Wenke - Wenke Perspektief
Poland: Prof Renata Michalak - Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan