April 16, 2019

March 20, 2019


In the Netherlands and Poland this day, March 20., is celebrated as DALTON DAY. Last week we could celebrate the certification of 10 new International Dalton Teachers in the "Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School".

Dr. Agata Sowińska and Roel Röhner worked two days with the team of teachers.

Dr. Agata Sowińska gave a training to the English section of the school in further steps of the project "Let's Daltonize English".  

February 6, 2019

100 years 'The Dalton School' New York

In the school year 1918-1919 'The Dalton School' in New York 
was founded as

January 26, 2019

'"Let's Daltonize English"

During the NOT , Dutch Educational Fair in Utrecht, we promoted our new material.
Under the title "Let's Daltonize English" we produced free-choice assignments in the English language.
A serie of 5 subjects under the title 'Ecology Corner' with 48 assignments for each subject.
The first 48 assignments about OCEAN will be available soon.