May 30, 2014

International Dalton Meeting 2014

The three days programme was a success.
Participants from Austria, China, Holland and Poland were active during the conference day and some school visits.
The KPZ University organized this event for the third time in cooperation with Dalton International

The photo album can be found here

May 25, 2014

Colour your days.

Anniek van Dorp is a very creative Dalton teacher. She works in 'Daltonschool het Palet' in Hellevoetsluis / NL.

She made very nice animals to colour the days of the week for the children in her classroom.

Dalton Management Training

Scan the  QR code and find your place and program.

A group of 25 directors and Dalton coordinators participated in a 2 days meeting. Traditionally our University KPZ is organizing such a management training every year in Renesse.
Paul Bruijn, Hans Wenke and I created several presentations and workshops around the 21st Century Skills.
A similar training took place in Zwartsluis for the schools in the northern part of our country.
Hanneke Drost and Annemarie Wenke were leading this event.

May 21, 2014

Blended learning

Two events will take place in the coming days.

Tomorrow and Friday the traditional Dalton Management training in Renesse. I am looking forward to work again together with Paul Bruijn and Hans Wenke with a group of 25 participants.

From May 26 - 28 we welcome an international group in Zwolle, with
representatives from Austria, China, Basque Country, Holland and Poland.

During both meetings the 21st Century Skills are the main topic and several new aspects of  learning will be worked out.

May 12, 2014


Three days of Dalton impulses with the central theme:

Dalton in the 21st century

A selective international group is participating in the event.
After three years we can spaeak about a tradition. 

May 26 - 28 2014 KPZ Zwolle

May 10, 2014


Photo; 'The Dalton School' New York

All aspects of cooperation arise if the group grows to a TEAM !

In a Dalton class we are not working with groups, but with teams.

May 8, 2014

Dalton in the 21th Century

For the third time the KPZ University organizes an International Dalton Meeting in cooperation with Dalton International.

This year a delegation from "Dalton China" is participating together with representatives from Austria, Basque Country, Poland and the Netherlands.

The theme of this conference is: DALTON IN THE 21st CENTURY

May 1, 2014

Dalton in Poland

We mentioned already the strong development of Dalton education in Poland.

These 6 Dalton consultants can be inroduced officially now.

Some Dalton conferences will be organized again and these consultants will give workshops and lectures. They also work with teams of teachers all over the country..