April 13, 2010

Shocked by the situation in Poland

Since this weekend our thoughts are with so many colleagues and
friends of our contact schools in Poland.
Just this year we have several visitors from enthousiastic schools
in Holland. Inspired teachers who want to reform their education.
On this place I want to wish them strenght and power to overcome
this tragedy.

April 2, 2010

Team School4Child visited Holland

A new leaf on the tree of Dalton International is the private school
in Lódz - Poland, 'School4Child'.
The director of the school, Anna Sowinska, took all the teachers of
the school with her on a trip to Holland.
We were lucky that one of the best Dalton schools in the Netherlands,
'De Achtbaan' in Amersfoort was in full swing last Thursday.
Teachers and children opened all the classrooms and were happy to
show the foreign visitors their way of working.
Wendy van Beurden, director of 'De Achtbaan', introduced a lot of
specialties of this school.
Teachers exchanged material and ideas, children explained in English
their week assignment.
An inspired group of enthousiastic teachers went back to Poland today.
During the conference in Brno this school will get the membership of
Dalton International.
The school likes to be active in international exchanges and is
searching in the first place for a project partner in 'Webcamclasses'.