December 26, 2017

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Representative for the Netherlands

drs. Annemarie Wenke is the Dutch scientific representative for the Dalton International Research Platform.

Annemarie is investigating what the existence of the child is pointing to us. She develops tools how to respond to it.

"Dalton is investigating and learning as way of living.
In investigating and learning as way of living, the gathering and sharing of stories plays an important role. These are the data that teaches you how to understand what Really play in and around you".

Representative for Poland in the Dalton International Research Platform

Dr Agata Sowińska is the Polish representative of the Research Platform.
She is Master of Arts from English Filology at University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz;

graduate of Polish as a foreign language at Faculty of Polish Filology at University of Warsaw; 

doctor of social science at John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin. 

Scientific interests:
Altrnative Pedagogy, Innovative English Language Teaching, Multiple Intelligences.

Agata Sowińska wrote her "Innovations in English Language Education in secondary schools in the light of creative schools". The book contains analysis and synthesis of innovative teaching methods in English Language Education accompanied by reserach of the innovative and alternative teaching methods, their effectiveness and influence. The book consists of two parts: theoretical and reserach. There has been researched blended learning in English Language Education together with other innovations. In the research there were used a study case, questionnaire, scientific experiment. The book is recommended for all the teachers of English Language, students of Pedagogy, English Filology. The book was published in 2016 at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.
Available by writing an email to:

Dalton International Research Platform

The Dalton International Research Platform was founded in May 2017.
Dalton International asked scientists in several countries to participate in this Research Platform.
Agata Sowińska is representing Poland.
Annemarie Wenke is representing the Netherlands.
Henriette Steinhauer is representing Austria.

In the contract in between Dalton International and 'Beijing Liyang Zhongji Education Technology Co. Ltd.', a close cooperation in the field of Dalton research is an important element.
Dalton scientists from Czech Republic and Germany has to be found in the coming period.