October 28, 2011

Seminar at the Lorentz Dalton School - Hilversum

This is a very exclusive school building designed by the
famous Dutch architect Dudok. He also builded the City Hall
in Hilversum and the theatre in Utrecht.
Even important: this is a strong Dalton school and a very
nice team of teachers.
The topic of the seminar:
How to create 'free-choice-assignments' based on multiple

October 8, 2011

Dalton & Marzano

Yesterday we had a very interesting contact day with all
Dalton Consultants of KPZ.
Annemarie Wenke and Lotte Bakker gave a try-out workshop in
which they connected Dalton with the 11 factors Robert Manzano
destillated after his meta research.
Both colleagues demonstrated the value of Manzano as an extra
demension for the Dalton education.

The main message is:
"How to synthesize his educational research into strategies that
teachers can put to use for concrete gains in student learning."

October 5, 2011

Wrong demonstration

The Dutch Dalton Association (N.D.V.) announced in their last
E-letter a vacancy for the position of two ambassadors for
international contacts.

For several years Dalton International offered the N.D.V. a
close cooperation on international developments, but the board
members ignored that offer.
By this initiative the N.D.V. is showing that cooperation for
the Association is not longer one of the important starting
points of Dalton.
A tragic arrogance of the responsible board members.