May 23, 2010

Sharing Dalton

Sharing Dalton was a real topic during last weeks and not only
the title of the 14th International Dalton Conference in Brno.
More that 160 teachers participated in this conference, coming
from 9 different countries.
The network of Dalton International is growing, the mixture
between friendly and professional contacts is the most important
element. Dalton is the international cement in many initiatives.

Last week 24 directors from Kindergarten in Poland accompanied
by some teachers from universities visited Holland.
The group visited Dalton schools in Utrecht, de Meern, Amersfoort
and Leiderdorp. In the next future we expect an enormous grow of
the Dalton development in many schools in Poland.

For the next school year Dalton conferences are planned in
Thüringen/Germany, Bilbao/Spain, Warsaw and Krakow/Poland,
and Brno/Czech Republic.
In Holland our institute 'Wenkedalton/KPZ' organizes several so
called 'Mini conferences'