March 26, 2017

Go Global

Today's tools make it possible to learn about other countries and people first hand. Of course, textbooks are still sufficient, yet, there is nothing like learning languages, cultures, and communication skills from actually talking to people from other parts of the world.

It's a shame that with all the tools available, we still learn about other cultures, people, and events from the media. Teaching students how to use the tools in their hands to "visit" any corner of this planet will hopefully make us more knowledgable and sympathetic.

Dalton International developed a platform for direct communication: 'Webcam classes'.

March 23, 2017

Bad leaders are looking at who is the best.

Good leaders are looking at what is the best.

Simon Sinek

March 20, 2017

New Dalton Kindergarten in Szczecin

Today a big celebration was organized by the team of the Public Kindergarten nr 18 in Szczecin.
This school got the official certificate "Dalton Kindergarten" from the President of the Polish Dalton Association Katarzyna Dryjas.
Director of the school, Agnieszka Czeglik got another certificate from Anna Wróbel, representative of Dalton International.
This Kindergarten is now "Member of Dalton International".

March 18, 2017

New Member of Dalton International

Today Kasia Dryjas,  President of the Polish Dalton Association handed out the certificate 'Member of Dalton International' to the team of the public Kindergarten nr 34 in Koszalin.

March 8, 2017

100.000 Dalton students in the Netherlands

Today The Dutch Dalton Association celebratet the fact that 100.000 students are following Dalton Education in our country.
The new Nominated Dalton School "de Magneet" in Amersfoort is the reason that we crossed this unique border.
Of course there was a certificate in which this historical fact was written down, but all the children and the staff could enjoy  a very special cake.
Director of the school, Paul Bruijn, performed the symbolic act.

March 5, 2017

Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist

Many people are scared of the future. With every science fiction movie that portrays technology as evil, and let’s be honest, that’s the theme of almost every science fiction movie that’s ever existed, it’s easy to develop some paranoia about the dangers ahead.

However, much of today’s technology is giving us super-human attributes. The same technology that gets blamed for eliminating our jobs, is also giving us capabilities beyond our wildest dreams. We have instant access to friends and family, instant access to answers for almost any question we ask, and instant entertainment if ever we get bored.

We can now think-faster, know-faster, and do-faster than ever before. We no longer end up being the “last to know.”

At the same time, every new technology also requires new skill sets for those working in those environments. Here are just a few of the skills that will be highly prized in the future.

14 Hot New Skills

1. Transitionists – Those who can help make a transition.

2. Expansionists – A talent for adapting along with a growing environment.

3. Maximizers – An ability to maximize processes, situations, and opportunities.

4. Optimizers – The skill and persistence to tweak variables until it produces better results.

5. Inflectionists – Finding critical inflection points in a system will become a much-prized skill.

6. Dismantlers – Every industry will eventually end, and this requires talented people who know how to scale things back in an orderly fashion.

7. Feedback Loopers – Those who can devise the best possible feedback loops.

8. Backlashers – Ever- new technology will have its detractors, and each backlash will require a response.

9. Last Milers – Technologies commonly reach a point of diminishing returns as they attempt to extend their full capacity to the end user. People with the ability to mastermind these solutions will be in hot demand.

10. Contexualists – In between the application and the big picture lays the operational context for every new technology.

11. Ethicists – There will be an ever-growing demand for people who can ask the tough question and standards to apply moral decency to some increasingly complex situations.

12. Philosophers – With companies in a constant battle over “my-brain-is-bigger-than-your-brain,” it becomes the overarching philosophy that wins the day.

13. Theorists – Every new product, service, and industry begins with a theory.

14. Legacists – Those who are passionate and skilled with leaving a legacy.

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March 4, 2017

Finland again

The Finish National Board of Education produced a very interesting brochure.

Find this brochure here

March 1, 2017

Source : 'Clever Classroom'