March 13, 2011

Dalton Grundschule Unstruttal

Last week I was in Germany to visited the first Dalton primary
school: Dalton Grundschule Unstruttal.
Director Claudia Krause and Thomas Beck were in the Netherlands
last year and I could support them during the visit of some Dalton
schools. The result of collecting ideas in Holland and many creative
initiatives I could observe. And there is only one conclusion :
this is an excellent Dalton school.
The inspired team of teachers and a group of parents created a
Dalton school to be proud of.
Dalton International is proud to have this new member.

March 8, 2011

Material for talents

Today I visited 'Productief bv'. This firm produces great material
for pupils with talents. And in my opinion all children have talents
as long as they are motivated and challenged.
The focuss on talented children is very actual nowadays and I saw
challenging material in many categories of the multiple intelligences.
Stijn Eelvelt of this company gave me many of these brilliant
'free-choice assignments' to show in schools during my seminars.