June 9, 2010

Dalton plus class

At this moment several Dalton schools started a Dalton+class.
In these classes more gifted children are working together on
a common project in order to realize more suitable targets for
their capabilities.
Special targets are :
* learning how to learn
* learning of learning-oriented knowledge
* critical and creative thinking
* making choices and taking decisions
* planning of activities
* self evaluation and testing
* planning of processing
* development of new projects in order to continue learning
* co-operation and producing
* philosophize

It could be interesting to start an International network
of Dalton+classes

June 5, 2010

Management training

During the last weeks we worked with 34 management teams of
Dalton schools from the whole country.
In four groups 76 head teachers and Dalton co-ordinators worked
on leadership aspects and shared the "pearls" of their schools
during a Dalton Laboratory.
Wenke Dalton Consultants/KPZ is the leading institite in Holland
for Dalton in-service training, counselling and coaching.
This institute is 'Member of Dalton International' and some of
the consultants are working abroad in international projects.