May 30, 2013

The latest book about Dalton education

This new book about Dalton education by Roel Röhner and Hans Wenke
is now available in three languages : Dutch - Polish - German.

May 29, 2013

Final Comenius meeting in Bilbao

Representatives from schools in five different countries worked in the project "Blogging in Europe". The last meeting was in Bilbao and the result will be a friendship for life.
International understanding from school to school.

May 21, 2013

International Dalton Meeting in Zwolle great success

Representatives from 7 different countries followed an intensive Dalton training program from 13 - 17 May 2013.
The 14th of May was a day with several workshops and the other days we visited three different Dalton schools.
New Dalton schools will be initiated in Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine.
KPZ University in Zwolle organized this International Meeting in cooperation with Dalton International.

May 2, 2013


The use of  MINDSCAPE is well known in many countries, but undervalued in Holland.