October 25, 2010

Conference in Bilbao

Probably it seems to be that nothing happened since my last
message in this blog.
The normal work started again after summer holidays, and I had
several interesting seminars in different schools.
The translation of our German book "Daltonplan Pädagogik" is
ready and the printing of it will start soon.
The coaching of the school of my grandchildren is for me one of
the most attractive tasks during the next period.
But one of the other highlights took place last weekend in Bilbao.
The 'Begonanzi Ikastola' invited Hans Wenke and me to inform the
team of 94 teachers about Dalton education.
First of all we had the opportunity to visit several classes of
this brilliant school. We saw children at work in the age from
2 years old till the level of secondary education.
We were thrilled about the level of the education, the atmosphere
and the interaction between pupils and teachers. The buildings are
really beautiful and the school is very modern equipped.
The quality management of the school was some years ago awarded
with a European prize and one of the next steps is the orientation
on Dalton.
It was an honour to work with such an inspired group of teachers
during this conference.
Dalton International can be proud to have this new member in Bilbao.