February 4, 2012

Checklist for creating an assignment

This checklist only gives suggestions to balance the structure of assignments that reflect individual differences.
This checklist can be extended with elements suitable to the own situation.

0 is it possible that every pupil can make this assignments independently
0 is this assignment stimulating the co-operation
0 is this assignment connected with the level of the student
0 have you taken into account multiple intelligences
0 is it possible to practice the skills for independent learning
0 does the pupil knows the target of this assignment
0 does the student knows how the final product should look
0 does it involves an exploratory or a processing task
0 is self correction possible when the work is finished
0 does the pupil knows how the assessment is taken place
0 does the pupil has enough strategic recourses to make this assignment
0 is this assignment suitable to the work tempo of the individual pupil
0 is it clear what shall be done at least or up
0 is there any space for own creative solutions
0 are action guides available
0 is it clear what kind of answer is expected :
-only the answer
-a motivation of the answer
-is memorizing expected
0 which kind of recourses are available
0 is it clear when additional instruction will be given
0 is there variation in open ended questions and closed questions
0 is there in your planning enough time to evaluate the assignment
0 is there any time for process evaluation
0 are there regularly surprising aspects in your assignments

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