June 15, 2012

Dalton International

Dalton International looks across borders. International contacts are useful to reflect on your own situation. In co-operation with teachers in other countries we discover that we speak the same educational language even without speaking the same language. Countries are exporting goods, but in education we exchange good expertise. And that kind of exchange is exactly one of the most important targets of Dalton International. Dalton International wants to stimulate the innovation of the Dalton education by international exchange of expertise. International Dalton conferences give that possibility. But a conference is not the only platform. Training of school staffs, offering Dalton courses, publishing of articles, the exchange of teachers and students, organizing workshops and seminars are also possibilities to improve Dalton education on an international level. After a training period Dalton International can give teachers an official Dalton Certificat and we can nominate schools that have followed a Dalton training process for the predicate of "International Dalton School". Several of these activities took place in Lodz-Warsaw-Ostrowiec/Poland, Unstruttal/Germmany, Dakar/Senegal, Wels and Vienna/Austria, Zwolle/The Netherlands. A next international conference will take place in October in Poland.

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