February 20, 2013

Boost engagement and reading comprehension with this exciting Structure! Give Rotating Role Reading a try today!
Rotating Role Reading assigns every student on the team a specific role so everyone has a part to play. It's a great way to ensure every student is participating, engaged and alert as they work as a team to process the assigned reading material.
Rotating Role Reading
Each team receives their own Rotating Reading Team Pyramid. (Or the teacher or students make up four role cards: Reader, Summarizer, Connector, Predictor.) The teacher explains and models each role to the class. Each team of four needs something to read.

1. Reader Reads: The teammate with the Reader role reads a paragraph.
2. Summarizer Recaps: The Summarizer describes the meaning of the paragraph in her or his own words.
3. Connector Makes Links: The Connector connects the reading to what was already read.
4. Predictor Makes Prediction: The Predictor makes a prediction about what will come next.
5. Switch Roles: Teammates rotate their pyramids (or pass their role cards) counterclockwise and repeat the process for the next paragraph or page.
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