July 19, 2013

Holidays: time for self-reflection

Congratulations with your well-deserved holidays.
Of course you can effort to relax the coming weeks. You need that period to re-load your batteries.
But before you start the new term, put some earnest effort and pure intention into self-reflection. 
You don't want to be one of those stagnant teachers that drably present the same organization. You are a Dalton teacher.
Times change, perspectives change, and you must change in order to adapt and remain relevant in the ever-changing world of education.

One of the best things about teaching is that every school year offers a fresh, new start.
Move ahead with the confidence that you are mindful and motivated to be the best teacher you can be! 
No one shall forbid you to be the best teacher in the world!
What else do you contemplate at the start of a new school year? How do you make sure to keep evolving and progressing as an educator? 
· Do I still enjoy teaching? If not, what can I do to increase my enjoyment in my chosen profession?
· How have my beliefs about learning and pedagogy changed over the years?
· What is my top teaching goal for the coming year?
· What can I do to be more proactive in my professional development?
· Which steps can I make to move forward optimistically and with a fresh 
· Am I being a cooperative member of our team of teachers?
· How can I increase valuable parental involvement?
· Which changes can I make in order to directly increase my 
students' learning?
· Can I find new impulses to make my class-management more effective?
· Which change in my classroom to surprise the children when they enter 
the first morning?

One of the best suggestions I can give to organize your self – reflection is to create a portfolio.  
A teacher portfolio is a collection of documents that together provide a record of your professional development. It presents materials that best illustrate your teaching approach and methods.          
Your portfolio should be selective rather than comprehensive. It is not a holding place for all your teaching materials.

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