August 5, 2013

Röhner Dalton Consultancy  focusses mainly on assisting and coaching of individual Dalton teachers and teams.
Röhner Dalton Consultancy co-operates with Dalton International and KPZ Universtiy.

Regularly giving of new substantive impulses is a prerequisite for a good Dalton school.

Such a development-oriented inspiration I like to work out with the team at your school.
It is a customized approach based on a 'Flash visit' to all groups prior to a seminar.
These short observations in the workplace provide not only a stimulating report for the individual teachers, but it is also the starting point for a study day.  
The following topics/workshops, whether or not in combination, would be able to give further shape for a study day.
  • Optimize the classroom management
  • Working on the main line of independence, responsibility and collaboration
  • From  working independently to independent learning
  • Creating assignments based on individual differences
  • The effect of instruction
  • Arranging the free choice assignments based on multiple intelligences
  • Evaluating and reflecting with children
  • Reporting the work and progress of pupils on a Dalton way
  • Development of a  portfolio of pupils
  • Development of a portfolio of teachers

We can organize a seminar or conference  with an introduction of the modern way to implement Helen Parkhurst’s Dalton Plan.

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