October 9, 2013

Day of Kindergarten in Poland

This message was sent by Anna Wróbel from Poland.
Anna is the Polish President of the worldwide organization of Kindergarten teachers OMEP.
Together with many colleagues in her country she founded the Polish Dalton Association.
The development of Dalton education in Poland is the strongest in Middle Europe.

Upon the motion of the community connected with the kindergarten education from the whole country, the Polish OMEP Committee, acting upon the Article 63 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, has filed a petition with the Marshal of the Sejm to start the legislative initiative to constitute the day of 29 September as the Polish Day of the Kindergarten Education. This day is to celebrate the certain idea of the people connected with the kindergarten education and it is to solemnly visualise the importance of the kindergarten education in the society.

On 13th of September Sejm of the Republic of Poland adopted a resolution on the establishment 20 of as the Polish Day of the Kindergarten Education (Kindergarten’s Day).

Poland has DAY OF THE KINDERGARTEN EDUKATION in the polish calendar!

25 of September in Royal Łazienki in Warsaw Polish OMEP Committee were celebrating the first nationwide Polish Day of the Kindergarten Education.
The Honorary Patrons of the Conference are: Minister of National Education and Ombudsman for Children.

Anna Wróbel

Prezes Zarządu Krajowego
Polskiego Komitetu Światowej Organizacji Wychowania Przedszkolnego OMEP

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