November 23, 2011

The actuality of Dalton

Teachers nowadays must learn how to handle more and more
differences between children in one classroom.
In other words, the question is how to create an adaptive
education? An education organized from the proposition that
children differ from each other.
In primary education it is not possible to select at the
entrance of school life. It means that we are confronted
with very heterogeneous groups.
These differences between pupils make a strong appeal to
the professional skill and the expertise of the teacher.
Their level of teaching-strategy and educational ability,
their skills to organize the educational process, are
Characteristic of the pedagogical relation is that teachers
promote the self reliance and the responsibility of pupils.
Taking differences into account, the teacher is constantly
searching for a balance between giving security and challenging
the children.
The basic condition to motivate children is to recognize and
to tune in the individual aspects of individual development.

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