November 24, 2011

Dalton is a way of living

For a long time I try to fight the disease of parrotism.
It is a harmless infection but very annoying.
After visiting an international Dalton conference in London
some prominent educators from Holland came back and wrote
articles about the educational innovation they discovered.
To summarize 'The Dalton Laboratory Plan' they used one phrase:
Dalton is a way of life.
From that moment on the parrotism started.
In many websites of Dalton schools and in too many articles of
'Dalton specialists' I find the same phrase.
Isn't it a clever idea to search in the material Helen Parkhurst
wrote herself?
"To sum up, the Dalton Plan
should primarily be regarded
as a way of school living.
It is a way wherein each
young individual soul can
find opportunity for the use and
the expression of the best that in him lies. Only so can personality
reach its highest development and learning become pregnant with purpose".

By the way: parrots are nice and colourful.

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