November 10, 2013

Development of a logo

The first logo was a design of  Nol Manten, famous painter in Utrecht.
It was made to symbolise the integration of the Kindergarten 'De Merel' with the primary Dalton school "Juliana van Stolbergschool".
In 1985 the new fusion got the name "Dalton Basisschool Pieterskerkhof".

Later I suggested  the new founded Czech Dalton Association to use this logo.
Now the two birds were symbolising the co-operation between secondary and primary education.

When we founded  Dalton International we liked to use the freedom
of birds again. The birds are flying from the West to Europe and further.
From "The Dalton School" in New York,  the ideas of Helen Parkhurst were implemented in hundreds of schools all over Europe. But in other continents there are also important Dalton Schools such as "Ascham" in Sydney, famous Kindergarten in Tokio and Kobe.
The newest Dalton school can be found in Hongkong: "Little Dalton".

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