January 9, 2014

Designation International Dalton School

Dalton International is the institution with the authority to give schools the designation “International Dalton School”.
Dalton International is an official foundation with members all over the world.
The most important and international orientated Dalton schools in the world work together in Dalton International, to protect the high standard of Dalton education.
It is not allowed to use the name “Dalton” without the permission of Dalton International or the official local Dalton Association.

Dalton International can assist schools in the process to become an official Dalton school.

For a full approval Dalton International works out a two year process, with a maximum of three years.
During that process a school has the right to use the name “Starting Dalton School”
In the first year a school has to submit a development plan, stating how they incorporate Dalton methods in their teaching.

In the first year at least five different modules, chosen from the programme as written in the website of Dalton International, has to be worked out by all teachers of the school.
It is possible to invite Dalton Consultants to give a training at own location and/or a training abroad.
At the end of the first year the school must perform a self-evaluation procedure which has to be submitted to the board of Dalton International.
The model for this self-evaluation is available.

The second year is a year of “self-activity”. This Dalton principle is not only important for children, but also for their teachers.
The training and work in the classroom has to be based on the conclusions from the self-evaluation and the additional advices of the board of Dalton International.

At the end of the second year another self-evaluation has to be done, and the school does the request for an audit.
This audit will be carried out by two Dalton Consultants, designated by the board of D.I. and based on the official audit criteria brought together in an observation list.
If the audit is positive, the school will get the official designation “International Dalton School” and is automatically “Member of Dalton International”.
A certificate will be the distinguishing mark of the new status of the school.

After approval Dalton International or the local Dalton Association can reassesses each school every three years, by checking curriculum, teaching practice and student achievement.

At any time the name Dalton may be taken away after a negative reassessment.

For more information and costs, please contact:  info@daltoninternational.org

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