February 2, 2014

Forum Dalton Education in Beijing

Some time ago I've got a letter from
Jin Fang Chen. She is working at the educational department of the University
in Beijing.
We met in 2006 during the International Dalton Conference in Brno-CZ.
During that conference she gave a lecture about education in China and the position of Reform Pedagogy in the educational system in China, and we had much time to communicate about the influence of Helen Parkhurst in the world.

Jin Fang invited me as president of Dalton international to participate in a Forum about Dalton Education. For personal reasons it is not possible for me to accept the invitation, but I am happy that Hans Wenke will represent Dalton International now.

In the invitation was written:

'The Dalton Education Forum' will be held in Beijing on Feb 23rd to 24th 2014 in  Zhang Gui Tang, Peking University. The forum is aimed to explore Dalton education and innovation practice in the Chinese context.  
We hope to connect China's Dalton education development and school education reform into the global picture and find out more valuable solutions from other countries. We wish to create a platform of interaction for the Dalton education practitioners in China to exchange their ideas, and to conduct further research in purpose of Dalton education contextualized for practice in China.

On the conference day, the representative of Dalton International will deliver a keynote speech about Dalton International and Dalton Education development around the globe. We also ask Ms Elizabeth Neil to present a keynote speech about her experience of Dalton education and school management in Australia and Hong Kong, etc. Also, we will invite school representatives to present their practice and experience about school reform and development in the concept of Dalton education.
We hope the participating schools like to be active in Dalton education  and start to practice Dalton education to improve school reform and development. 
Till now there are some example schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shanxi, Hebei, etc. Most of the schools are complete schools including both junior and senior section".

Jin Fang Chen translated
Education on the Dalton Plan
in Chinese.
Peking University Press, 2005

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