February 25, 2014

Website Dalton International is renewed

Let me tell you something about the targets of Dalton International.
Dalton International wants to stimulate the innovation of the Dalton education by international exchange of expertise. The international Dalton conferences give that opportunity.
But the conference is not the only platform, because training of school staffs, offering Dalton courses on international level, the publishing of articles, the exchange of teachers and students, organizing workshops and seminars are also possibilities to improve Dalton education on an international level.
After a training period Dalton International can give teachers an official Dalton certificate and we can nominate schools that have followed a Dalton training process for the predicate of “International Dalton School”.

We can make use of each other’s developments.
A modern teacher creates a learning setting in which children are challenged to take initiatives. The time of only one teaching method is far behind us.
The necessity to work on differentiation is not only connected to children who are lagging behind or leading the group.  In Dalton education differentiation also comes from the simple attitude: respect each individual child.
Modern education is more and more development-oriented education.
This approximation is just the point to give children the space to take initiatives.

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