March 6, 2014

Working on ownership

René Berends is researcher at the 'readership for educational innovation and Dalton education'. He wrote an interesting article in JSW magazine (number 7 March 2014) with the title Working on ownership.
"It is possible and also necessary to make pupils the owner of their own learning process".
He quotes the book of Alan November, published in 2011.

Who should be working harder during class? The teacher or the students?
In the “Age of the Empowered Learner” we can equip our students to take responsibility to manage a large proportion of their learning.
We can also empower our students to create content that contributes to the learning of their peers. Research indicates that one of the most powerful strategies to improve learning is to provide students with self-assessment strategies.

This book shows step-by-step strategies that creates a culture of the empowered self-directed and collaborative learner.

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