April 13, 2014

A great internship at the Ascham School!

24th of February was a very exciting day, because it was the first day for us at the Ascham School in Sydney! The first impression was amazing!! The school is so big and so beautiful…
The size is not comparable to any school in the Netherlands. We loved it!  All the teachers were so kind and they know exactly what they are doing. The girls looked pretty and they were all smiling and asked a lot of questions about where we came from and if they could learn some Dutch words.

The first day we could look around in all groups of Hillingdon and saw a lot of Dalton Education. Hillingdon is the location for the youngest girls where we do our internship.
Our internship is for 2 months, 5 days a week. We are 3 days a week in our class. Leonoor in Kindergarten and Nanoe in Year One.
We saw on our first day that we could introduce some extra Dalton elements in the Prep-School. After an interview with the teachers and the head of school, Judith Butcher, we knew all the wishes and things that we could improve.
The team of teachers really wanted an ‘assignment board’ to improve the self-reliance. The girls have 4 jobs to do during a week and they can decide when they want to do it. So, we made a board with colors. We gave tables different colors and so we marked the place to do one of the jobs. If a girl finished the assignment on table red, they can sign off the red color behind their own name and personal picture. 

The teachers told us that they wanted to show the girls what the program is for every day.  
So we made some cards for every part of the program during a week. You can introduce it to the children to let them know what they going to do on, for example, the Thursday. 
For some girls it would be better if you show it the day before, because when they go home, they know exactly what they can expect during the next day. The spot for the cards is very important, because it must be an orderly place. The teachers picked a good spot in the classroom.
We made also a ‘weather map’. The girls have to choose which kind of weather it is today and they can show it on the chart by putting the arrow at the right place.

The next two weeks is holiday. So after this period we have two weeks left at Ascham. We look forward to tell you how we have used it and what initiatives we have been able to take in the classroom. We like to introduce more Dalton elements at this Prep school part of Ascham.
In four weeks you will hear from us again!
Hope that you enjoyed it! 

Kind regards, Nanoe Lorkeers and Leonoor Berghuis
Students Katholieke Pabo Zwolle & interns at the Ascham School.
You can contact us at: nanoelorkeers@hotmail.com

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