April 14, 2014

Hillingdon, the first part of Ascham-Sydney

In Hillingdon there is real sense of enjoyment every day. The girls have a rich and varied program including visits, festivals, excursions, assemblies, concerts, year group cafés and parent events that provide them with a strong sense of community as well as broadening their horizons. The strong visual arts, music and languages programs, taught by specialist staff, are also incorporated into their classroom activities.

Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to caring for and engaging with the girls on a daily basis. They provide strong foundational skills across the curriculum. We use The Spalding Method to teach literacy which provides each girl with excellent skills in reading, writing and spelling.

It is important that girls experience the enjoyment of co-curricular activities early in their schooling. There are many opportunities in Prep and Kindergarten (violin, cello, speech and drama, gymnastics and swimming), which expand in Years 1 and 2 to include chess, tennis, piano, and soccer.

We develop confident learners. We encourage positive social skills and building community bonds through use of the You Can Do It program, buddy groups and service to others through charity days and sponsorships.

All girls in Year 2 have an opportunity once a term to carry out various responsibilities covered by the many Leader and Monitor positions. In Terms 1, 2 and 3 students experience a range of responsibilities and in Term 4 the girls nominate which position they would like to undertake. The girls look forward to fulfilling their responsibilities well and are excited to be developing a range of leadership skills. This commitment helps to foster independence as well as team spirit as the Monitors assist teachers and girls alike in Hillingdon.

There is supervised care of the girls daily from 8.15am and a full after school care service is available Monday to Friday until 6pm.


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