June 18, 2014

The Dalton Plan in the elementary school

Some statements from this brochure, written by 
A.J.Lynch Headmaster, West Green School, Tottenham, N.15.

The relation between teacher and taught is a wrong relation.
The teacher should be the helper, not the driver; the pursued, not the pursuer.

The advent of the Dalton Plan and the interest  shown in it by teachers in all parts of the world are sure signs that teachers realise the weaknesses of the old class methods and are seeking earnestly to remedy them.

It is not sufficient that the assignment be a mere reference to text-books, it needs the Dalton touch and the Dalton spirit. Apart from the work to which the assignment refers, the assignment itself should be interesting, attractive and helpful.
The ideal assignment is, of course, an individual assignment for each child.

The brochure from 1926 was published by

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