June 21, 2014

The quality makers of education

Educational governance can be an instrument to have influence on the quality of education.
And the most important question is: who is responsible for the quality of education?
My simple answer is: the teachers in the classroom.
Those are the professionals, the facilitators, the pedagogues, the coaches, the quality makers.

But in the daily practice in the school, a heterogeneous group, any team of quality makers is still not a guarantee for good education.
Such a heterogeneous group of teachers look like a beautiful archipelago, a group of nice isles but a lot of water in between and very complicated to connect.

When a director of a school wants to have influence on the educational quality of the whole school, he/she must focus on the task of educational leadership.
There must be a professional division in two main tasks: the management (how complex it may be) and the educational leadership.
If the director of the school wants to be a quality maker too, he/she must leave the office
frequently to observe the processes and to work on the floor.

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