March 16, 2012

News from Poland

Robert Sowinski, member of the new board of Dalton International, have sent me following message.

Yesterday we saw for the first time a short film about Dalton at School4Child!
We are very proud of that production. It will be first shown during conference in Łódź next Saturday.
Now we have only short 10 minute reportage from classes, where we can see how children work, there are few entrances with teachers.
Later it will be translated into English, and we hope that after receiving acceptance from parents we can send it on all over the world, in cooperation with Dalton International.
There will be also a longer film to use during training seminars

We made also agreements about training and certification process for preschool and schools.
In the end we can say that Dalton in Poland feels good and we have hope for sustainable development of Helen Parkurst idea in Poland

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