March 4, 2012

Presentation of a Dalton teacher

Last week I've got a nice presentation of a colleague from Poland.
She summarized the Dalton implementation in her classroom and
I brought her PowerPoint presentation here in three pictures.
Perhaps it is an inspiration for others to send me comparable material.


anna said...

I feel so inspired by my friend's presentation. I promise to send my ideas for teaching English according to the Dalton Plan.
Once again - well done Agata. Keep up the good work!!!

Agata Juljańska said...

I can say the same about Your work :o)

Ania said...

Very interesting presentation, good job Agata! I have to read more about Dalton Plan and visit you - girls at school :D

Magdalena Galaj said...

These pictures seemed familiar - haven't I seen them in your classroom Agata? :) good job :)magda