January 22, 2017

From: 'The Dalton School'

"The Dalton School, in its early years, perduredbecause of Helen Parkhurst. Her vision and force of personality engendered great loyalty from het faculty, school parenst, board of trustees and students. Her particular form of progressive Education, which came to be known as The Dalton Plan, was adopted in places as distant as Japan. But Helen Parkhurst, the woman, was an anomaly. Her competence as an educator was unquestionable, but on the personal level she exhibited a single-minded persuasiveness, a driving ambition, and an unparalleled ability to use people to achieve her own ends. I believe that het entrepreneurial approach to Education, acceptable in the 1920s, her forceful personality, and her single-minded determination were responsible for The Dalton Plan taking root in the Children's University School, renamed The Dalton School in 1920".

Susan F.Semel,  'The Dalton School,  American University Studies,          Peter Lang Publishing Inc. New York 1992

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