February 26, 2017

A story

There was a nice young teacher in a new certificated Dalton Kindergarten somewhere in Europe.

It was almost Easter and of course she wanted to bring her classroom in the right atmosphere.

She found a nice and simple design of Easter-chicks, made one example herself and prepared all the material the children needed in the right sizes.

She presented her own example and integrated it in a nice story. In such a way, only Kindergarten teachers can tell it.

After the introduction, immediately time to work.

All the children at that same moment.

The teacher was running around, helping here, giving advice there . . .

And see the result.

The teacher was very happy with all the individual differences.

“They did it all by themselves”.

But there was one boy in the classroom who didn’t like the task.

So stupid these chicks.

An Easter bunny is much nicer.

Without asking the teacher he went to the drawer with the colored paper, and took what he needed.

With his tongue out of his mouth he started to work.

When finished, he proudly presented his bunny to the teacher.
It’s time, dear readers, to finish this story yourself.
Which feed-back would you give to the teacher?

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