February 6, 2017

Use their competences

Nowadays all teachers realize that their students belong to the E- generation, and that they consume information on their own way.
These students are used to calculators, television, Play Station, computers, laptops, I-pads.

They sit in front of the computer and they consume their favorite products very quickly; if it's  not interesting enough they simply switch to another programme.

Computers are their sixth organ.
Students are like to be active themselves. They have the drive to explore.

Listening to long instruction is for them like reading the instruction guide of a new PlayStation programme.

And no-one will do it, they all start to explore immediately.

The first child that wants to read the instruction manual before he/she starts to work with that programme, has still to be born.

Students want to discover and do it themselves. That’s not a negative attitude, it is real motivation.

And we teachers must accept the changes in the consumption pattern of the audience in our classrooms.  

We are the professionals and that’s why we don’t want to serve them every day the same fast-food. Let’s be creative and keep them hungry.

Students want to be challenged to demonstrate their competences. They are not interested in the long demonstrations of the competences of the teacher. The only effect is that it will reduce their own competences.

Let’s focus on the 21st Century Skills to bring our program in harmony with their competences.

I am glad to work out this topic during the International Dalton Congress is Austria.

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