December 10, 2011

Checklist for composing an assignment in Dalton Primary schools

Choose every week some topics from the list below
to vary and to make the assignment attractive.

 can the student make the assignment independently
 is the assignment linked up to the level of the student
 did you took into account the multiple intelligences
 is this assignment stimulating independent learning
 is this assignment stimulating the cooperative learning
 does the student knows the goal of the assignment
 what kind of study skill is trained with this assignment
 does the student knows what kind of end product you expect
 is a good planning feasible for the student
 are ‘action guides’ available
 can the student be creative in finding solutions
 is it clear at what moment the student can come for extra instruction
 is the student free to choose which kind of product can be returned
 is it clear when this assignment must be ready
 are models for self-correction available
 how will you evaluate this assignment
 will this assignment be a part of the portfolio
 do you initiate a ‘self-reflection’ moment

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