December 17, 2011

Project Learning Contract

Before you start to work with your independent project, you will need to create a plan of what you want to learn. But also how you want to show what you’ve learned. You need to share this plan with your teacher. This plan is a part of your project.
1. Learning need :
Write here your questions related to the topic you wish to learn more about.

2. Learning resources and activities :
Think about the resources you will need ( books – computer – places to visit – interview).

3. Planning number of hours needed to accomplish your learning outcomes :
Try to list the hours spending to each of the planned activities from 2.

4. Evidence of the learning outcome :
How will you know that you have achieved the learning outcomes? List what you will use to measure, such as: cooperative audit – graphs – publication – self-assessment (see obstacle checklist by Roel Röhner).

5. How will you show what you have learned?
Presentation to the class – Wall paper – oral examination – PPT etc.

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