December 3, 2011

Strange attribute

Very often I see in schools
this attribute.
Someone started to call it
Dalton cube. What an insult for Dalton.
I hope this person is the producer
and not a teacher in a Dalton school.

It is absolutely controversial to what we want to stimulate in
Dalton education.
First of all it gives an individual pupil the right to frustrate
the higher process of cooperation in a team.
Of course pupils have the right to work alone sometimes, but this
has to be decided in consultation with the teacher.
Secondly it is not a way to learn self reliance because
it is not based on a structural process. The development
of learning how to grow to independency is more complicated than
green and red.
We created 'action guides' to learn that process.
This cube has nothing to do with Dalton education. Perhaps it is
popular in traditional schools.
This cube has absolutely one value: burn it during the team
barbecue at the end of the term.

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