December 7, 2011

Computer-assisted teaching

A modern teacher creates a learning setting in which children
are challenged to take initiatives. The time of only one teaching
method is over. The teacher as coach of the process.
The necessity to work on differentiation is not only connected to
children who are lagging behind or leading the group, its a process
of customized teaching for the whole group.
In other words: respect the child.
Nowadays we have to pay respect to their skills and affinity in
using computers. Its opens a new world of differentiation facillities.

Modern education is more and more development-oriented education.
This approximation is just the point to give children the space
to take initiatives.
Current innovations in accordance with the Dalton philosophy and
the challenges of today's world are reflected in our use of new
technologies. Dalton has brought to education the dynamic transfor-
mations taking place in the world of digital technologies and
communication. In addition to the best elements of a traditional
education, students are provided with an array of powerful tools
allowing them to pursue the work of their assignments with their
energies channelled toward problem solving and higher level of
thinking skills.

The Dalton School New York

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