January 30, 2012

First steps to train independency

Give children a task in the organization of the classroom. Visualize these tasks with a 'household assignment board' so the children can see who is in charge and where they can indicate when the task is completed.

Teach children 'problem solving skills'. Encourage them to think about what they could do to solve the problem rather than telling them the solution.

Let children know you are interested in their thoughts and ideas. Ask them why this is the good solution. Help them to understand the impact of their choices.

Help children to set achievable goals and work toward achieving those goals.

Encourage and praise children’s attempts to take decisions, no matter what the outcome. Respect a pupil's decisions as much as possible.

Help children take responsibility for packing up their material

Teach children to use the 'colour clock' and indicate the time they have for an activity.

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