January 17, 2012

The Kindergarten is basic for all education

Since 1985 Kindergarten is completely integrated in the system of
Primary education in the Netherlands.
Children from 4 - 12 are together in one school, accompanied by one
team of teachers.
From that moment of integration we started in our school to develop
material to stimulate the Dalton attitude of the youngest children.
Our school was Dalton school already since 1929.
The teachers who worked with the youngest children were very creative
in bringing the three Dalton assumptions to their educational level.
As far as possible we stimulate the kids to take own responsibilities.
The idea was to visualize the Dalton organization in many aspects.
I like to give some examples during the next days.
Our material, developed in 1985 in Utrecht, form the framework for
the Dalton implementation in Kindergarten in the Netherlands and
other countries in Europe.

Many years later I've read the book of Robert Fulghum, one of my
favorite authors. I totally agree with his statement.

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