January 20, 2012

International contacts are traditional in Dalton

The philosopher Bertrand Russel said :
‘What human beings really want is not knowledge but security’ .
Although I agree with this statement, I think there could be a danger in it, because we must not be satisfied with the security that our Dalton model is successful.
We must work permanently and enlarge our Dalton knowledge because we are never finished with education.
The theory of Helen Parkhurst proved the educational value in the past and even nowadays it is still actual.
Since the first international Dalton conference more than 88 years ago In London, Dalton International renewed that good practice and created the platform to exchange the interpretation of her concept.
Ellen Stein, director of The Dalton School in New York, wrote in the article, published in the first magazine of Dalton International :
“One reason that Dalton has prospered for almost a century is that we have been willing to adapt the Plan to the changing realities of our world. But that raises other issues: Have we stayed too much from Parkhurst’ s original intentions in that adaptation?”
Permanent self – evaluation is necessary to keep us active and critical.

Children don’t go to school to learn, they go to school to have experiences.
And when teachers are able to find a balance between knowledge and experience in their educational design, their pupils will be satisfied.
Teachers like to have experiences as well and we create a platform for it during international conferences and school visits.
There will be many opportunities for it in 2012.

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