January 24, 2012

The Photocopier Challenge

Those who are following this Dalton blog know in the meantime that this book is one of my favorites.
Today I like to share "an easy and straightforward way of finding out the extent to which you are waisting your time".
It is the Photocopier Challenge.
Simly print out the list of questions below which challenge the pedagogical imperatives of your impending actions with the photocopier and stick it on the wall near the machine:
* Why have I printed paper copies?
* What types of activity will this lead to?
* Are these activities to do with learning or filling the time?
* How is the sheet going to be marked?
* How is the learning going to assessed?
* How much of the worksheet do you intend to read to the whole class?
* Do all students have to start from yhe beginning?
* Do all students have to work through to the end?
* How could it have been done without any photocopying in the first place?

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